Welcome to Hearing + Wellness Hale

Your opportunity to improve your hearing starts here. See our customer feedback below.

We are a welcoming and friendly team, passionate about improving people’s lives by helping them to hear better. Our purpose-built clinic offers the very latest in hearing tests and ear wax removal, carried out with a caring and professional approach.

Hearing loss can be very isolating for a person, also frustrating for their family and friends. We will help you rediscover those everyday sounds by really listening to your needs with patience, care and understanding.

Located on Ashley Road in the heart of Hale there is free on street parking (1 hour). We are confident that we offer the most welcoming and relaxing hearing care service in the Northwest.

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Simply Better Hearing

Hearing loss affects 1 in 5 adults in the UK, we can help if you experience;

  • Others saying you turn the TV or radio up too loud
  • Difficulty following conversations, especially in noisy areas
  • Avoiding social situations as you can't hear conversation
  • Poor localization, not sure where sounds are coming from
  • Difficulty hearing people on the phone
  • Asking people to repeat themselves
  • Hearing people but thinking that they mumble
  • Ear wax, a blocked feeling in your ears

Research shows hearing loss can lead to emotional distress and depression. It increases the risk of loneliness, but only for those who choose not to wear hearing aids. Hearing loss can increase the risk of dementia by up to five times, but evidence also suggests that hearing aids may reduce these risks.

Choose how to start your journey to better hearing

Hearing loss is more common than you may think, more than 40% of people over 50 years old have hearing loss, rising to more than 70% of people over the age of 70.