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Date: 8 April 2022 | By: hale

There are many reasons why you should get your hearing checked. From routine baseline testing to hearing tests due to painful symptoms, it's good to know when it's time to see a professional. Here are some answers to common questions around when to get your hearing checked.

What Are the Different Hearing Check-Ups?

Depending on what your hearing condition is, there are different reasons you would see a professional. Here are the three typical check-ups:

1. Baseline Testing 

You don't need to have hearing difficulty symptoms to get baseline testing. Your hearing care professional can help you with this and the results provide a baseline of how your hearing is. Louise and the Hearing and Wellness Hale team can use the baseline to understand how your hearing has changed when giving you solutions to improve your life, as you get older.

2. Hearing Screening 

Screenings are done when you don't have symptoms of hearing difficulties and are unsure if you may need a hearing test. It is generally faster and less complicated than an official hearing test. These can be done by Louise or using our online hearing test and will can give you an idea of what support you might need.

3. Hearing Test

Hearing tests are more comprehensive and done either after a screening or because you are experiencing hearing difficulties. It is sometimes called a hearing exam or assessment. Generally, the test involves sitting in a sound-treated booth to get your hearing levels measured like everything we have here in the clinic in Hale.  Louise has long standing experience in Audiology and carries out a straight forward but extensive, clinical hearing test.

When Should I Get Baseline Testing or Hearing Screenings?

Age is a common factor for when you need hearing check-ups. New-borns and young children are often routinely screened to make sure they don't need further testing. You can get your hearing tested whenever you wish but over 50 you should certainly attend a screening or get a full hearing test.
If you work in an occupation that continuously exposes you to loud noises, you should get checked every few years.

When Should I Get a Hearing Test?

Some of the common signs you should get a hearing test include:

  • Having difficulty understanding speech
  • You can't hear people well in noisy places
  • Frequently needing to turn up the sound on the television or radio
  • Missing doorbells, alarms, or calls
  • Experiencing pain or phantom sounds in your ear
  • Fluids, blood, or pus is coming out of your ears

If you have any questions regarding getting your hearing checked or scheduling a hearing test, contact us today.